Tax disputes and investigations

– Acting in numerous matrimonial matters providing independent opinion on the tax liabilities that would arise on the disposal of businesses, properties and other assets.

– Acting for a tax payer in relation to a dispute with HMRC regarding tax fraud. Our work included reviewing a large number of bank accounts and property transactions to reconcile unexplained transactions. Following a number of meetings with HMRC we reached an agreement with HMRC on the tax liabilities arising from undisclosed income and gains and prosecution was avoided.

– Assisting a tax payer in assessing his tax liabilities under the loan charge legislation and making the relevant disclosures to HMRC. This involved analysing a number of bank accounts and loan accounts over a number of years to advise on the tax and interest liabilities.

– Party expert on a substantial family dispute where the other party had potential tax liabilities arising from investment in a variety of tax schemes over a number of years. Our report assisted the Arbitrator in giving his decision on the dissolution of family assets.

– Advising three related parties on the tax liabilities arising and opportunities to mitigate such liabilities on the exchange/swapping of assets.

– Providing an opinion as party expert on the tax liabilities arising from undeclared business profits in the hospitality sector over a number of years and assisting the business parties in settling their dispute with HMRC.

We have acted in a variety of tax matters. These have included assisting tax payers (individuals and companies) in disputes with HMRC including representing the tax payer at Tax Tribunal. We have acted on a number of cases regarding tax schemes (film schemes, EBTs, Remuneration Trusts, Loan Scheme Charges), as well as disputes regarding capital gains tax, income tax and research and development tax relief.