Professional negligence

– Acting as an expert witness in relation to a claim > £100m against the auditor and finance director of a financial services group. We reviewed the audit files and accounting records to give a view on the statutory and client money audit. We also gave an opinion on the role of the finance director. Following the provision of an initial view, a full report was prepared and assistance provided in mediation.

– Acting as an expert witness on a number of tax disputes regarding the application of UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Provision of an initial view followed by a full expert report, joint reports and giving evidence in tax tribunal.

– Provision of an opinion on the tax advice given by a firm of accountants to a shareholder in relation to eligibility to claim entrepreneurs relief. Our work looked at the standard of the advice given as well as quantifying the tax loss arising from the missed opportunity to obtain the relief.

– Review of the tax advice given in relation to capital allowances on vehicles. Providing input to the defendant (insurer) on the quantum of the loss.

– Provision of an expert opinion on the tax advice given to shareholders regarding restructuring of shareholders rights. The claim related to the loss of entrepreneurs relief due to an omission in the advice given.

– Acting as an expert witness in a £3m claim against a firm, of lawyers for advice given in relation to an Employee Benefit Trust. Input was given on the accuracy of the advice given to the claimant as well as on the quantum of loss.

We provide litigation support in professional negligence cases acting for claimant & defendant. Typically we are engaged to provide an opinion on the standard expected of a “reasonably competent” (finance) professional and/or to provide an assessment of the loss. Matters on which we have experience include: financial reporting, UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), statutory audit and tax. Previous cases have included claims against accountants, tax advisers, auditors and lawyers.