Matrimonial - tax

– An opinion as Single Joint Expert on the tax liabilities arising on undisclosed business earnings in a restaurant over a number of years.

– An opinion on the tax liabilities and planning opportunities associated with a sale or transfer of ownership of 147 properties.

– A report as Single Joint Expert on the valuation of a farming business and related ancillary businesses. As part of the instructions we considered both the capital taxes and income tax arising in a number of scenarios.

– A report on the valuation of a number of investments in both listed and unlisted companies. Our Report also considered the tax consequences of disposal or transfer of the interests and potential methods to mitigate the tax costs.

– An opinion as Single Joint Expert on the eligibility of both parties to claim Entrepreneurs Relief and the probable outcome arising from previous changes to the parties interests and roles in their family business.

– An opinion as party expert on a substantial family dispute where the other party had potential tax liabilities arising from investment in a variety of tax schemes over a number of years. Our report assisted the Arbitrator in giving his decision on the dissolution of family assets.

– Tax calculations as Single Joint Expert in relation to a substantial private dwelling in order to assess the likely capital gains tax on a disposal and the applicability of various reliefs. We also advised on the proposal of one party to move the asset through a corporate structure.

We are often instructed to provide an expert opinion on the tax liabilities associated with the disposal of a family businesses, interests in the family home and in other property and assets. We can consider what reliefs may be available to minimise tax liabilities. Our experience also includes investments in tax schemes including film schemes, Employee Benefit Trusts and Remuneration Trusts. If an expert report is not required we can provide advisory opinions on discrete tax planning matters.