With over 2,000 valuations undertaken of family businesses either as Single Joint Expert, Named Expert or Expert Adviser (including opinions on associated liquidity and income producing capacity and all related tax matters) it is impossible to do justice to the many interesting case studies we could highlight. Instead here are a few examples of the type, range and sometimes esoteric nature of our cases.

– Valuation of many hundreds of smaller UK privately owned businesses with turnover between £500,000 and £20 million across multiple sectors over 25 years of expert experience.

– Valuation of many of larger privately owned businesses across various sectors with turnover between £20 million and £500 million.

– Valuation of many international businesses and groups with multiple cross border interests and complicated ownership structures.

– Valuations on multiple occasions of interests in share option arrangements and shareholdings owned in complex private equity funded business structures.

– Valuations of individual business interests comprising limited companies, partnerships, LLPs and sole trader businesses.

– Valuations of businesses with EBITDA ranging from less than £100,000 to more than £100 million per annum with assets of negligible value to in excess of £1 billion.

Our experts have considerable experience in valuing business interests in family cases and have given expert evidence in Court on many occasions. We understand the nuances of valuing different business structures, overseas (often opaque) entities, quasi partnerships, complex groups and minority shareholdings. We also act as Party Expert or Adviser to give an independent view on valuation. We have undertaken valuations in many different industries.