– An independent expert report on the alleged expense fraud by the CEO of a substantial charity. The report was provided to assist the trustees and legal advisers in relation to an employment dispute.

– Acting as forensic accountant in relation to the suspected misappropriation of assets and misuse of business property by an employee. We reviewed the business records and provided a report to the board on our view of the quantum of fraud in various areas. The report assisted in the recovery of a large sum from the employee.

– Acting as forensic accountant to a financial services group in relation to suspected fraud by the financial controller. We identified a number of fraudulent transactions and provided input facilitating the recovery of funds from the individual.

– Investigating a suspected fraud by a director in a shareholder dispute involving the misuse of business assets and the diversion of company funds to his personal account. We identified a number of areas of misappropriation of funds and company property. As a result of our work the shareholders reached agreement on the sale of shares to remove one party.

– Acting for a tax payer in relation to a dispute with HMRC regarding tax fraud. Our work included reviewing a large number of bank accounts and property transactions to reconcile unexplained transactions. Following a number of meetings with HMRC we reached an agreement with HMRC on the tax liabilities arising from undisclosed income and gains and prosecution was avoided.

– Conducting an investigation into suspected internal fraud by a hotel porter. The independent investigation assisted the board in dealing with the disciplinary matter. Following this we advised on appropriate internal controls.

We provide discrete, detailed and independent investigations into suspected internal fraud. We have experience in investigating employee and officer fraud as well as wider business fraud. We also investigate accounting irregularities and manipulation of financial reporting. Our work can assist in recovery proceedings and providing an independent assessment for insurers. We can also provide advice on appropriate internal controls to reduce the likelihood of fraud.