Business valuation - general

– Valuation of the constituent elements of the intangible assets on an acquisition to assist the group auditors in assessing the appropriate accounting treatment. Our work included a number of complex discounted cash flow forecasts.

– A valuation of a group of companies in the construction sector as single joint expert. The report considered the diversion of profits. We also considered the tax consequences of a potential disposal of business interests.

– A report as single joint expert on the valuation of a number of businesses in the tourism sector including holiday home parks. Our report also covered methods of extracting cash and inherent tax liabilities. The valuation included consideration of a complex share structure with various classes of shareholders.

– A report as party expert on the valuation of a technology business in relation to a shareholder dispute. Our report considered the appropriate minority discount in a number of scenarios.

– A report as party expert on the value of an agency business in relation to a dispute arising on the termination of the agency. Our report assessed the loss in a number of scenarios. Our expert gave evidence in the High Court.

– Various independent expert determination reports appointed under the terms of the Articles of Association of private companies.

Our experts have undertaken the valuation of over 2,000 businesses in a wide variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail, technology, medical, professional services, financial services and farming. We have experience in valuing companies as well as interests in partnerships and other unincorporated businesses. We understand the issues regarding quasi partnerships and minority interests. Our experience includes complex groups and international businesses.