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Our opinions are supported by real life commercial experience


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Our experts have completed over 1,200 reports


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Walton Dodge Forensic provides specialist valuation, forensic accounting and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Case Studies

Our recent testimonials demonstrate the commitment of our experts to the provision of a proportionate, supported, expert independent opinion in every case and a service that instructing lawyers and clients can rely upon.

Matrimonial – business valuations

In family matters we have considerable experience of valuing business interests, instructed either as Sole or as Single Joint Expert. We can also act as Expert Adviser. We understand the nuances of valuing different business structures, quasi partnerships, complex groups and minority shareholdings. We have undertaken valuations in many different industries and our experts also draw from our direct involvement in real-life corporate finance transactions.

Business valuation – general

Our experts have undertaken the valuation of over 2,000 businesses in a wide variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail, technology, medical, professional services, financial services and farming. We have experience in valuing companies as well as interests in partnerships and other unincorporated businesses. We understand the issues regarding quasi partnerships and minority interests.

Matrimonial – tax

We are often instructed to provide an expert opinion on the tax liabilities associated with the disposal of a family businesses, interests in the family home and in other property and assets. We can consider what reliefs may be available to minimise tax liabilities. Our experience also includes investments in tax schemes including film schemes, Employee Benefit Trusts and Remuneration Trusts. If an expert report is not required we can provide advisory opinions on discrete tax planning matters.

Tax disputes and investigations

We have acted in a variety of tax matters. These have included assisting tax payers (individuals and companies) in disputes with HMRC including representing the tax payer at Tax Tribunal. We have acted on a number of cases regarding tax schemes (film schemes, EBTs, Remuneration Trusts, Loan Scheme Charges), as well as disputes regarding capital gains tax, income tax and research and development tax relief.

Professional negligence

We provide litigation support in professional negligence cases acting for claimant & defendant. Typically we are engaged to provide an opinion on the standard expected of a “reasonably competent” (finance) professional and/or to provide an assessment of the loss. Matters on which we have experience include: financial reporting, UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), statutory audit and tax. Previous cases have included claims against accountants, tax advisers, auditors and lawyers.


We provide discrete, detailed and independent investigations into suspected internal fraud. We have experience in investigating employee and officer fraud as well as wider business fraud. We also investigate accounting irregularities and manipulation of financial reporting. Our work can assist in recovery proceedings and providing an independent assessment for insurers. We can also provide advice on appropriate internal controls to reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Commercial disputes

We have given expert opinion on a variety of commercial disputes including shareholder and partnership disputes, termination of agency claims, breach of warranties, business interruption and planning disputes. We typically provide an opinion on the quantum of loss suffered by one party. We have also assisted insolvency practitioners in investigating and pursuing claims against creditors, directors and advisers. We aim to keep our costs proportionate to the potential claim.

The Team

We are focused as a team on delivering relevant, expert opinion in an understandable, realistic and proportionate way.

Jon Dodge

Managing Director
M: 07775 696809

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Hello. I’m Jon. I have 25 years’ experience of expert witness work and co-founded WDF with Roger Walton in 2005.

Fiona Hotston Moore

Director of Forensic and Advisory Services
M: 07770 642491

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Hello. I’m Fiona. I am one of WDF’s experts and have specialised in forensic work for 20 years. I am Director of the practice.

Matt Field

Senior Manager

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Hello. I’m Matt.  I am a tax specialist and work closely with our experts to provide additional levels of tax resource and expertise when needed.

Janet Parker

Senior Manager

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Hello. I’m Janet.  I have over 14 years’ experience of specialist forensic work and have assisted our experts on well over 300 cases since 2006.

Rob Whitefoot

Senior Manager

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Hello. I’m Rob.  I have over 16 years’ practice experience and work closely with our experts on a wide range of cases.

Joshua Cadwallader


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Hello. I’m Josh.  I am a four year post-qualified Chartered Accountant.  Although quite new to the forensic team I have already worked closely with the directors on some very interesting cases.

Jackie Collier


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Hello.  I’m Jackie.  I have been Jon’s PA for 15 years and work very closely with the whole forensic team to ensure the smooth running of our practice.

Maria Rix

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Senior Executive Assistant

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Hello.  I’m Maria.  I joined the team in 2014 and work closely with our experts and Jackie to ensure the smooth delivery of our services.

Tony Longman

Tax Director

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Hello. I’m Tony.  I have over 25 years’ experience as a specialist tax adviser and have assisted on a wide range of WDF tax cases since 2016.